Powder Coating:
Experts in powder application, MARS has powder coated components for many industries including pipe manufacturers,  medical equipment manufacturers, the marine industry, air conditioning component manufacturers, and many others.  Serving the private market MARS has coated auto parts, motorcycle parts, wheels, gates, fencing, yard furniture and much, much more.

Plant Capabilities:

MARS uses over two hundred feet of overhead conveyor system capable of holding parts of up to five hundred pounds.  We can Powder Coat parts up to 34 inches wide x 52 inches tall and up to 35 feet long.

Pick up and Delivery:
We can pick up and deliver most items to anywhere in the region.  Large or small items it makes no difference.  We have a truck for small items and a 16 foot flatbed trailer for larger items.  Please contact us for more information about pickup & delivery.

Mail Order Service:
We serve the nation through our mail order services. Just call us. We know powder coating and we can help you with your project no matter where you are. 

Sandblasting Service:

Sandblasting the surface of your material prior to coating provides an excellent surface for the powder coating to adhere to. Blasting also increases the adhesion and durability of the finish
.  Our blast system uses environmentally safe medias to remove the old finish, metal oxides or manufacturing by-products that remain on the metal to prep the surface for a long lasting, durable coating.

Dis-assembly & Assembly:
We can take apart components, prep them for coating, powder coat them and reassemble them for you.  Contact us for more information about this service.

MARS provides light manufacturing services.  We specialize in powder coating and offer light manufacturing services to better benefit our customers needs.  Contact us for more information about this service and our capabilities.

Thank You:

We are thankful for our military veterans, police officers, fireman, and others who serve or have served our country and communities making it possible for us to conduct business in the greatest country on the globe.  We are committed to supporting those who make freedom and safety available to us.  We will discount our services to those who have served or are serving.  



1920A Tower Industrial Drive

Monroe, NC 28110-8420


Fax: 704-225-1705

We are open Monday though Friday from 7 AM to 5:30 PM and sometimes on Saturdays


MARS Is A Service Disabled Veteran Owned & Operated Business 

AS, Inc. dba MARS Powder Coating, Inc.

NAICS 332812, CCR Registered, D & B 962363920, Cage Code 63SX8,

SDVOB Owned and Operated